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Phoenix Dynasty Studio 
凤皇朝工作室 began in year 2020.

We personally love development and gaming.
We believe everyone should have the capability to develop their own game. You can do it as long as you have the passion on it. So, we would like to tell everyone how easy it is to develop a simple cool games with Unity by your own. You can develop it with game development platform like what we does and share it with your friends, family and the world. 

Through out the gaming and development process, we as well would like to introduce to more people in the world the beauty of Chinese Traditional Culture. In most of our game development, we will make use of the idea of the Chinese Traditional Culture elements. So that at the same time you can learn more Chinese Traditional Culture while enjoy playing our games.

🔥 Reborn★ Reinvent 🔥
🔥 Take your new path ★ Start a new chapter in your life 🔥

凤皇朝工作室 在2020年创办。




🔥 蛰伏待机 重生再造 🔥
🔥 欲火不灭 ★ 跟随我们的脚步一起唤燃游梦人生 🔥

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